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Austrian Breakfast in Vienna, Austria | Wiener Frühstück (Viennese Breakfast)

Published on 20 Apr 2022 / In Food

Join us as we sample an Austrian breakfast in Vienna, Austria keying in on a Viennese Breakfast (Wiener Frühstück) which included ham, cheese, a hard boiled egg, butter, jam and bread rolls and an Austrian Farmer's Breakfast which included two slices of bread, aged cheese, deli meats, prosciutto, pickles and carrot, egg and cream cheese. For drinks we order a caffe latte and cappuccino.

We spotted this restaurant in Vienna while just randomly walking into town to film our city guide. It ended up being a great find as we both really enjoyed the breakfast meals we ordered.

Address in Info:

Address: Burggasse 70, 1070 Wien, Austria
Hours: Open today · 8AM–2AM (or 4AM) daily
Phone: +43 1 9294050

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Austrian Breakfast in Vienna, Austria | Wiener Frühstück (Viennese Breakfast) Food Video Transcript:

Good morning good morning. It is a beautiful Friday here in Vienna (Wien). Yeah, it is. And we're hungry. We woke up with an appetite so we're going to go in search of a typical Austrian and Viennese breakfast. Oh yes, and there is a place we have in mind just around the corner. So let's go there.

We've also noticed there is a big cafe culture here in Vienna so you always see you know the patios, cafes, restaurants they are full no matter what day of week it is, what time it is. People are out brunching and eating. So yeah, that is one thing that I really do like about the city because I like my food.

This is our beautiful street. Just look at that architecture up ahead. The streets in Vienna are stunning.

We made it to the restaurant we had in mind. It is called Wirr. Not entirely sure what that means but they do have a cool menu with alien cats.

We came here a few days ago and we actually had more of a Middle Eastern breakfast. Like Sam had this giant hummus platter. It was so good. With falafel and it had shakshouka and it was really good. Yep. But we also noticed on the menu that they specialize in a Viennese breakfast and they also have a farmer's breakfast. Yes. So that is what we've ordered and yeah it should be coming soon.

I got myself a cafe latte. Nice and milky and frothy. Yeah.

And we've been noticing they sure do good coffees in this city. Oh, they do. Oh my. They do. And Sam got a little cappuccino in a cute little blue cup.

Our Viennese breakfast has arrived. This is the Wiener Frühstück and it comes with semmel which I've already dug into. It is for our Spanish speaking clip we did. Haha. It is just so warm and fresh out of the oven. This is a nice bread and it also came with croissant. We have some ham, some cheese, a hard boiled egg, butter, jam and I can already tell you I am a big fan. This is a typical Viennese breakfast. Yep. This is the Viennese one. Yep. We'll showcase the other one in a moments time. But this bread roll. Oh my gosh. I don't know like we've been in Vienna how many days and we've managed to only discover this bread roll today? How is it possible?

So now let's dig into the farmer's breakfast. Yeah, this poor little plate has been neglected. We've been chowing down on the other one so much.

So we'll give you a little tour. So we've got the nice bread over here. Yeah and it came with two slices. Yes. Two very thick slices of cheese. It looks like aged cheese. And then we have um the egg which I'll be giving to you. This is I think kind of like a carrot cream cheese.

And then of course we have the gurken - the pickles. And then we have something like prosciutto. It does look like deli meats. It looks like really good quality meat.

And price point for that meal? And to wrap things up yeah that came to just over 23 Euro so that included the two drinks and the two mains. So yeah it was a really good breakfast. We'd recommend going there and yeah we're very satisfied. We're very full. But also ready to start the day we're going to go explore more of Vienna (Wien) right now.

This is part of our Travel in Vienna video series showcasing Viennese food, Viennese culture and Viennese cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in Austria video series showcasing Austrian food, Austrian culture and Austrian cuisine.

'Beach' music by Joakim Karud: https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud

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