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Austrian Food Review - 4 Dishes to try in Vienna, Austria

Published on 20 Apr 2022 / In Food

Come join us for Austrian Food as we review 4 different dishes that we try eating in Vienna, Austria at Schweizerhaus restaurant located in Prater. Having arrived in Prater to film the amusement park and famous ferris wheel Wiener Riesenrad. Knowing us, eating some traditional Austrian food was a priority before we got on any rides. Overall, we tried four different dishes keying in mostly on Viennese classics such as wiener schnitzel and apfelstrudel (apple strudel). The following is a list of food items from our meal:

1) Austrian Goulash (tasted more like Pörkölt)
2) Schnitzel (Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein) with pork
3) Viennese potato salad (Wiener Erdäpfelsalat)
4) Viennese Apple Strudel (Wiener Apfelstrudel)

*A note about wiener schnitzel. It should be made with veal to be authentic. The one we got with pork would actually be called Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein or Schnitzel Wiener Art.*

Schweizerhaus (Austrian Restaurant with 19th century origins)
Located in: Prater
Address: Prater 116, 1020 Wien, Austria
Hours: 11AM to 11PM (daily)
Phone: +43 1 72801520

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Austrian Food Review - 4 Dishes to try in Vienna, Austria Travel Video Transcript:

hello from a rather unusual dining spot. Today we're at an amusement park. We're visiting Prater (Schweizerhaus) and we got really hungry so we figured let's make a food video first, go on the rides later and we figured we should probably try some Austrian food.

So it is one of those cases where the food arrived before we even started filming our intro. So everything we're having is already at the table. We ordered the Wiener Schnitzel, we got some goulash, Viennese potato salad and it all looks amazing. So yeah let's dig in. And we even have dessert coming too. And beer.

And the beer is going to go so nicely with the schnitzel and goulash as well. So that is also exciting.

So you want to introduce us to your dish? Ah, I sure do. This is one of my favorite dishes in Central Europe. Look at that. Beef goulash. And you can see here it comes with pickles as well. Yeah. And it also comes with bread dumplings. Mmmhmm.

And I remember we made the mistake in when we had goulash in the Czech Republic of eating our bread dumplings with our hands and everyone was like you guys are like barbarians. You guys are like barbarians. Apparently you are supposed to use your fork and knife. Alright. We'll use our fork and knife. I'm going to do that this time. Proper cutlery.

The meat is so tender, the sauce, the gravy is so rich and flavorful. And just having the bread compliments it really nicely too. Oh my gosh this is awesome. I think the last time we had goulash must have been in Budapest so it has been a little while.

Back to the food. So I ordered the wienerschnitzel but the classic it is supposed to be veal. Yep. But they don't have that on the menu here. They have one made with pork. Um, so yeah that is the one we ordered. It is actually a lot cheaper when you order the one with veal it costs double. Yeah.

And this was only about 10 Euros. This was about 10 Euro. The one with veal you're looking more at around 20 Euros.

That is really nice. It is a really thin cut of meat. Um, I believe the way they make it is that they dip it in like whisked eggs. Or no, first flower, whisked eggs and then breadcrumbs. And then they fry it.

So over here we have potato salad. Yeah, this one apparently is a Viennese potato salad. Viennese. Austrian potato salad. Let's try that. Yeah. And it has onions. Red onion.

price point. So that meal came to 36 Euros and 10 cents. That was for beer, for mineral water, the potato salad, the wienerschnitzel, goulash, apfelstrudel (apple strudel) for dessert. So ordered quite a bit. Yeah. We are leaving stuffed.

This is part of our Travel in Vienna video series showcasing Viennese food, Viennese culture and Viennese cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in Austria video series showcasing Austrian food, Austrian culture and Austrian cuisine.

'Waves' Music by Lakey Inspired: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired

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