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Austrian Food Tour: Best Places to Eat in Vienna, Austria

Published on 20 Apr 2022 / In Food

Austrian Food Tour: Best Places to Eat in Vienna, Austria

Try Austrian food at the best places to eat in Vienna as I take you through this culinary journey. There is so much this city has to offer and if you're looking for an authentic eating experience let me show you a preview of some of the best places to eat. Get an insider's perspective into the following places to eat and some of their signature dishes:

- GASTHAUS ELSNER and their signature Wienerschnitzel

- CAFE CENTRAL and their collection of desserts including the delectable APPLE STREUDEL

- VIENNA SAUSAGE the perfect place to try a VIENNA SAUSAGE with their wide range of hot dogs and different toppings.

- HOTEL SACHER and their cafe where the original SACHER CAKE (CHOCOLATE CAKE) was invented.

- KNODEL MANUFAKTUR is the perfect place if you want to try something authentic but unique. KNODELS (stuffed potato dumplings) may look like they are a small snack, but these dumplings really pack a punch, not only in flavor but in presentation as well.

If you would like to try any of these places... more information is available through GOOGLE :)

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